The first antimicrobial

full body garment.

Wherever life takes you, BioRomper has you covered.

"It looks incredible and feels even better. I would compare the feel of the fabric to Lululemon or other high-end athletic brands"

- Julia G.

"My favorite purchase in a long time"

- Austin L.

"Obsessed is an understatement"

- Ariella S.

Your new supersuit.

BioRomper fuses fashion and function for a changing world.

Head-to-Toe Coverage

Keep your entire body safer from surface pathogens, and keep your nice clothes unsoiled with elasticated cuffs, a cinchable hood, and one-piece design.

Antimicrobial Finish

Reduces surface-to-surface cross-contamination to help prevent you from forming an intimate relationship with strangers’ germs.

Recycled and Reusable

Designed and sustainably-crafted in NYC with recycled polyester and is fully machine-washable.


Our breathable blend of recycled fabric gives BioRomper a lightweight, stretchy, durable, and luxuriously comfortable feel. 


Fashion, meet function.

BioRomper is the new jumpsuit for the new normal -- a bold combination of sleek design, sustainable craftsmanship, and antimicrobial technology that helps kill any germs lurking on seats, armrests, headrests, and more. For the cautious and the intrepid, alike.

Designed for the everyday

Feeling safer and looking stylish are not mutually exclusive. We created BioRomper to deliver on both.

And the every once-in-a-while

Flying? Forget the hazmat suit. Travel in style, and with greater comfort and confidence.


Feel better while you're on the move.

Antimicrobial finish

Every garment is treated to reduce surface-to-surface cross-contamination and inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Feels great

Our premium, recycled polyester-spandex blend is breathable, stretchy and luxuriously comfortable.

Stow and go

BioRomper lives in its travel bag between uses. Just toss the bag in the wash and you’re ready for your next trek.

Get BioRomper.

Starting at $249

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